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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Day 56 - Protester threatened, Sheriff's do nothing

If you recall, yesterday 2 guys from the clown house started chasing a lone protester threatening to kill him. I waited until today to write about it because I wanted to see if there had been resolution. Here is the whole story.

One of our regular protesters, lets call him Frank, arrived before anyone else and went up to our property beside the clown house.

Frank recently had a cast removed from his arm and still has it in a sling.

Frank saw a local character we have had problems with before named Sweeney. Sweeney was doing the discing at the pervert house way back when we first started protesting. It was Sweeney who attempted at least 3 times to hit and/or see how close he could get to protesters with his old grey truck. Two police reports were filed but nothing happened to our knowledge. Thats not a big shock to us any longer. The Riverside County Sheriff's Department acts like its in some alternate universe where every thing is backwards.

Anyway, Frank saw Sweeney very near the property line and noticed Sweeney's truck was full of debris. Frank thought Sweeney might try to dump it on our property. We can still see the tractor tread marks from when they pushed some old stumps onto our property recently.

Words were exchanged. Rev. Abraham Capers, who is at the clown house very often, got into the truck with Sweeney. They drove down camp perverts driveway, headed north on Old Elsinore, made a right on the dirt road, then turned onto our private property (which is clearly posted No trespassing btw). They started yelling they were going to kill Frank.

One armed Frank hoped in his car and the chase was on. Frank headed south on Old Elsinore with the pervert lovers right on his bumper. Frank finally made it to another protesters street, turned onto it and the pervert lovers did not follow.

These cowards only come down when they can threaten women or a guy with only one arm.

Most of us got to the protest almost an hour after Frank. He did not have his cell with him so he had not called in a complaint. After Frank did call 911 2 sheriff deputies arrived.

Frank told them what happened. They did not get it.

Frank told them again what happened. They did not get it.

Frank told them again what happened. They did not get it.

Frank told them again what happened. They did not get it.

Frank told them again what happened. They did not get it.

Yep, Frank told them what happened no less than 5 times and they still could not grasp what happened. They clearly had no interest in pursuing this matter.

The deputies were really hung up on the fact that Frank did not know the name of the driver. Frank saw the driver and could identify him, but he did not know the drivers name, we did.

Apparently in Riverside if you want to threaten to kill someone and chase them with your vehicle you are supposed to wear a name take for identification purposes.

I was losing my cool. I have watched these clowns with badges act like fools for the past 55 days and I let them know it. One deputy told me he did not need me telling him how to do his job. I replied "I just did, now be on your way".

Lirra was pulling me away, afraid I was going to get arrested.

They left to talk to a neighbor down the road who saw the truck chasing Frank. She could not see the driver so again the deputies did not think it was note worthy.

The 2 deputies went up to camp pervert and stayed about 45 minutes. They spoke with the parole agents (this happened before they arrived at 8 pm). We could not tell if they spoke with anyone in the clown house. We did not even see the point of them going up there because neither Sweeney or Renee Winifred had returned.

The deputies headed down the driveway in their vehicle. We expected them to stop and give us an explanation. We expected too much. They just took off.

Lets do a little comparison. Over the past 56 days of protesting we have had the $500 an hour helicopter over head on multiple occasions, a gun pulled on us, two of us have been put into the back of a Sheriff's vehicle and one of us has been handcuffed. All because we are protesting and making noise. The perverts call and the Sheriff comes running.

Today two of the pervert lovers make a concerted effort to approach, threaten and chase a protester. What does the Riverside County Sheriff's Department do? Absolutely nothing.

Back on June 17th we reported a clearly intoxicated driver trying to enter camp pervert, a driver who was later arrested by the CHP for DUI, being under the influence of a controlled substance, not having a valid CDL, not have vehicle insurance and being a parolee at large. But the Riverside County Sheriff's Department spoke with this individual for 15 minutes before the CHP arrived and what did they do? Absolutely nothing.

Whats wrong with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department?

I am not sure, but I can tell you that a lot of people are taking notice.

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