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Thursday, June 09, 2005

My interview with the son of David Allyn Dokich

I have spoken with one of the sons of David Allyn Dokich 3 times in the past 24 hours and he has sent me information via e-mail.

He wants to help as much as possible and still try keep as much privacy as possible for himself and his family. Therefore I will not use any real names or disclose where he is currently living. I will simply refer to him as 'John'.

John contacted me yesterday. We verified with a source that he is who he says he is. John is 25 years old and lives in another state.

As I spoke with him on the phone I told him is was odd because this was his father we were going to talk about. John told me that David Allyn Dokich is his father in biological terms only. John really has no use for the man.

I asked him how he found out about this blog. John said he and his mother have watched for any news regarding David Dokich since they were informed of his pending release by the DA's department. They search google on a daily basis and found this blog. They really like what the community is doing and got a kick out of our sting operation.

John and his mother did all they could to prevent David Allyn Dokich from being released, as did our local District Attorneys office. John is really worried about the young girls in our community.

John's mother is still trying to cope with the abuse she received from David Dokich. 25 years later and she is still suffering. Dokich is out of prison but the life long sentence of abuse he imposed upon her continues every day.

There are still some things she cannot talk about, its simply to painful. John said his mother has not even told him the worst of it, things that are to terrible for her to discuss, even after 25 years.

John's mother met David Allyn Dokich when she was 15 years old. Dokich would have been about 28 years old at the time. Dokich charmed her, gained her trust, even charmed her mother (John's grandmother).

John's mother was in a girls boarding school when David Dokich helped her sneak out and move into an appartment. Once Dokich had her away from the family the abuse started. His mother was only 15 years old at the time and very petite. When Dokich would leave he would lock her in. When he would return he was usually drunk or high on drugs and would beat her or worse. John could not elaborate on what 'worse' was, but lets just say it falls in line with what he has been convicted for in the past.

The abuse continued even after John's mother became pregnant with him.

David Allyn Dokich took John's now pregnant mother out of state, moving from state to state, the horrific physical and mental abuse continuing the entire time. John's poor young mother did not know what to do. Remember, this is a 15 year old child we are talking about.

They returned to California for John's birth. The abuse did not stop and Dokich even beat his infant son when he cried.

John said fortunately his birth motivated his mother to escape and seek refuse in a battered womens shelter. Even that did not stop the horror. One day David Dokich found her driving down the hiway, with her infant son in the car, and he ran them off the road. When Dokich got out of the car John's mom was able to speed off and escape.

Dokich showed up at John's mother parents house looking for her and threatened them with a gun. Dokich tried to kidnap John from his mother. Fortunately his grandmother grabbed him and would not let go.

John, only being an infant and thus too young to remember, has been told by people who saw his mother during those 2 years of violent abuse that she was often covered with bruises so deep that even heavy makeup could not cover them.

She eventually had to move out of California. John said they moved from state to state when he was a kid to make sure Dokich could not find them.

John stopped talking about the abuse there, he was getting pretty emotional just thinking about it.

John also has a half brother about 4 years old than him who's father is also David Allyn Dokich. He said his half brothers mother went through the same ordeal as his mother.

John went on to say that the 2 girls Dokich attacked and served time for were able to escape after one night. John's mother and his half brother's mother lived through the daily violence for long periods of time. And there may be others.

John also said that David Dokich's history of violence goes back a long way, even to when he was just 15 years old and held his own parents at knife point.

Based on the timing of events, John would have been about 7 years old when Dokich went to prison for the second rape. John said that David Dokich's parents actually took John to prison to see his father when he was about 12 years old. He said he saw 'dead eyes' and never returned.

Since John was born around 1980 and his mother went through 2 years of abuse, I asked John if she was the first victim Dokich served time for. He said no, the first victim was raped shortly after his mother finally got away from Dokich.

John told me his mother instilled in him a strong sense to help and protect women and children. I can tell you from his current occupation John is doing just that.

John, on behalf of the community of Mead Valley and others, I want to thank you for your courage in sharing you and your mothers story. We all wish you and your mother our best and let her know we are doing what we can to make sure David Allyn Dokich can inflict no harm to others.

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