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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

$80,000 in parole agents pockets to babysit Dokich

Yep, you read it right, 80 thousand dollars in the pockets of the parole agents.

Do you really think they want this to stop? They are loving this. Its easy money!

There have been 2 parole agents babysitting David Allyn Dokich for about 70 days now. They were not there most of the first week of his arrival at Last Chance. The agents are at Last Chance for 10 hours a day. This does not include the time they spend chauffeuring Dokich around to his various appointments.

They have had a recent pay increase so we will split the difference and go with $57 per hour.

57 x 2 agents = $114 per hour
114 x 10 = $1,140 per day
1,140 x 30 = $34,200 per month
1,140 x 70 = $79,800 for the past 70 odd days.

The California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA) is a union of workers in the field of corrections. They are one of the most powerful unions in the state and contribute millions of dollars each year to get what they want; more money.

CCPOA's 64,000 square foot headquarters

According to the Center for Juvenile and Criminal Justice, CCPOA members salaries were as high as $73,000 per year in 2003 and they contribute $22 million in dues each year.

In 2003 the union employed a 91 person staff including 20 full-time attorneys and uses the services of five lobbyists and a team of public relations consultants.

CCPOA members earn the highest salaries of correctional officers anywhere in the country. In the mid-1990s, CCPOA had the best pension plan in the nation and an average salary 58% higher than the correctional officer national average.

These salaries are particularly high considering that the job requires a high school degree or equivalent. A correctional officer earns more than an associate professor with a Ph. D. in the University of California system.

A generous benefits package also sweetens correctional officers’ contracts. Union members receive a healthy pension, reimbursement for school courses, and a monthly budget for staying physically fit.

The parole division of the CDCR has said they are prepared to babysit Dokich for 3 years. Thats a projected cost of 1.7 million for tax payers, 1.2 million of which go to parole agents.

Stay tuned, there is more to come, for example, how Grey-out Davis re-paid CCPOA for the millions of dollars they gave him by shutting down privately run, non-union, prisons.

This has been another Pervert Patrol investigative report.

Source: http://www.cjcj.org/cpp/growth_CCPOA.php

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