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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Article: California's 'Dirty Little Secret'

Convicted child molesters are warehoused by officials across the state, while the Megan’s Law database breaks down


Photo by André Coleman
~ Father Marshall: “Maybe they’ll live next to you now.” ~

t provides an offender’s name, his crimes, sometimes a photo, and, if the bad guy was bad enough, maybe his address. But at best, what the Megan’s Law website (www.meganslaw.ca.gov) really tells us is that L.A. kids are anything but safe from known sexual predators living – sometimes in groups – near schools, parks, and family homes.

Earlier this month, Pasadena residents were shocked to discover that at least 10 sex offenders were living together in a home less than half a mile from Cleveland Elementary School and two public parks. The convicts, whose grotesque crimes included rape and sodomizing children, were placed at the house by state corrections officials who some say use so-called “sober-living facilities” like this one to warehouse dozens of sex offenders recently released from prison.

Pasadena officials quickly shut down the Back To Life house, as it was called, after a community activist discovered the facility had been operating without a license and in violation of city zoning laws. “They’ve known I was here since 2002,” said Father Roger Marshall, rector of St. Luke’s Holy Church of the Anglican Rite in La Verne and operator of the home. “I was the elephant in the living room that they didn’t want to deal with. It became public knowledge that I was here, so they had to deal with it.”

While Pasadena Police Chief Bernard Melekian described the incident as “an inexpensive lesson in paying closer attention to this stuff,” 68-year-old Marshall said he’d rather risk jail time than to stop housing sex offenders.

“I’m prepared to fight. They can take me to jail, but I’m not closing my doors,” said Marshall.

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