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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Article - Why Do Serious Offenders Walk Among Us?

By Wayne LeCheminant
July 5, 2005

The appearance of Shasta Groene at an Idaho Denny’s while in the hands of her captor, Joseph Edward Duncan III, a convicted sex-offender, is both miraculous and heart-warming. However, this is but one happy note at the end of a tragic story--the little girl’s mother and 13 year-old brother were murdered and it seems likely that her 9 year old brother is also dead. One can only speculate as to the horror that she had to suffer through. The recent media coverage of repeat sex-offenders killing once being released from prison has caused a commotion of sorts, as well it should.

In Los Angeles, California, for example, there has been quite a bit of coverage over what one radio talk show called a “sex-offender clown house.” This is because up to 8 convicted sex-offenders were living in this house in the midst of a community while serving their parole.

The California legislature appears to be rather unresponsive to the requests of residents near half-way houses for sex-offenders to move the sex-offenders to a more remote area, away from children. The response seems to be something along the lines of this--these men have served their time in prison, now it is up to us a society to accept them back in. In fact, if we do not accept them back it, if we do not accommodate them, then we might cause them to commit more crimes.

It is a dubious line of reasoning to be sure, but it seems to be the one that is being offered to us because I have yet to hear a legislator stand-up and take a hard public stand on increasing penalties for sex-offenders.

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