David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Comments from someone who did time with Dokich?

I found the below comments posted in response to my inteview with one of the sons of David Allyn Dokich.

Its important enought that I am reposting it here to make it easier for all to see. Its impossible to verify but it sounds legit.

I met Dave in state prison. I was released not too long after Dave. I served 2 years for residential burglary.

I didnt know he was a two time rapist until i saw him on the news. I asked him what he was in here for and he said "Kinapping and armed robbery and claimed he served about 24 years.

He has a bad temper and gets mad at every little things. I got to know him very well while we were incarcerated.

After I read this story of John, all I have to say he still has'nt changed, he made alot threats and I think he his really going to kill his next victim. He is a phycopath.

I asked him what was he going to do when he gets out and he said he was going to get his sons to work with him in construction. Daves mother died not too long ago and inherited about $250,000 I've seen the paper work.

He also claims he was going back to Orange County, Newport Beach. He also claims he has a brother who owns some kind of company.

If I knew he was a rapist I would of never talk to him. Everyone in Prison believe his story. Until the news came on. Everyone was shocked that he is a rapist and a child molester.

I hope he goes back to Prison as soon as possible. He is a very dangerous pervert and I hope he won't find another victim. Child molesters and rapists get treated badly in prison by other inmates. I wish I would of found out earlier. I wish for the best for John and his mother.

On his fist release date was put on a 45 day hold by the DA. He was very mad and thought he wasn't ever going to get out. He said the DA was trying to get him on another case but it never happaned.

On the 45th day morning of his release he didnt sleep through out the night. He was very nervous and wanted to get out so badly. When his name was called he was happy. The DA really did try to keep him in. But I hope they find a way to send him back as soon as possible.

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