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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Day 59 - Recap

We did not protest today as many had other activities; birthdays, partys, out of town, ect..

I have been able to piece together the various conversations protesters had with the Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy last night.

To refresh your memories, per Lt. Herrera a deputy is assigned to the immediate area for 15 hours a day. They park in one of three locations:

  • Around the corner on Orange Ave, just 1 block away
  • Around the corner on Michael Rd, just 1 block away
  • On Old Elsinore, just a couple hundred yards from the entrance to Last Chance
Last night we noticed a Sheriff's vehicle parked on Old Elsinore with the parking lights on. We felt bad that he was all alone so a few of us walked down there and started protesting around his vehicle.

We were chanting "CHP...CHP...CHP" for a minute or two when we heard him mumble an unenthusiastic, perhaps even condescending "CHP" out his window. He then invited one of the protesters, Molly Brown, to come and speak with him.

It did not start out well.

He seemed to be reading from Lt. Heckle Herrara's book "How to deal with protesters".
  • We have to remain neutral - check
  • We treat everyone equally - check
  • We can't take sides - check
We informed him that we have had 59 days to observe the Riverside County Sheriff's Department in action and that most of them treat us like the criminals and have done everything possible to discourage us from exercising our First Amendment right to protest.

We brought up the recent incident where a lone protester with his arm in a sling was chased and threatened with murder by 2 people from Last Chance and that nothing was done. Two deputies showed up, took a statement, and bailed. No guns, no handcuffs, no trips to the backseat of the car, thats all reserved for the evil protesters. Nothing happens if you are a child molester, rapist or parolee.

About this "we treat everyone equally" routine they keep laying on us. There is one deputy per 4,000 residents in our area. Only the perverts, rapists and parolees have a deputy sitting within 1 block, waiting for their call. No other citizen gets that level of service. But they keep wanting us to believe they treat everyone equally. Sure, whatever you say.

I had heard enough and walked away. Besides, Molly Brown and Bonnie were giving it to him in both ears, and once these two get wound up it damn near impossible to stop them.

As the night progressed more protesters spoke with this deputy. The general consensus is that he is not one of the bad guys in the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

He took the time to explain some things to us. Some I cannot repeat here as we do not want to get him in trouble.

He said he will follow up on the protester being chased and threatened incident.

We learned that the 15 hours per day that a deputy is assigned to the clown house area is an extra duty that they have to sign up for. Sounds like OT, must be expensive.

He has decided to no longer sign up for that duty.

We found out that there are members of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department that would like to join the protest during their non work hours but they are afraid of retaliation from the department.

So, our encounter with this deputy started bad but ended good.

Did we treat him unfairly in the beginning? Unfortunately we did. But keep in mind we have been treated extremely poorly by the majority of the Riverside County Sheriff Deputies we have encountered in the past 59 days. We no longer trust them.

2 months ago when we saw a Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy we thought 'good guy'. Thats no longer the case and it will take a concerted effort on their part to change that.

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