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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Day 60 - Recap, 2 months of hell for Mead Valley

We decided to have a short protest today because of the holiday weeked. We had about 15 protesters.

Bonnie, Molly Brown and I went up to the side of the clown house to have a little fun.

One of the female parole agents arrive shortly before her 8 pm baby sitting shift started. As she was exiting her vehicle Molly Brown started yelling 'Hey Whopper Butt'. That got her attention. Turns out her last name is Walker and she thought thats what Molly was yelling.

Parole agent Walker walked over to the fence and struck up a conversation with us.

She did not like being yelled at. Well it happens. You spend 2 months with a 2 time child rapist living next door and you would feel like yelling at any thing that moves.

She said she is just doing it for the money. I did not expect she was doing it for free, but it begs the question. What if all the parole agents refused this duty? Would parole be forced to move David Allyn Dokich to a more suitable location? Would the agents get in trouble? We simply do not know.

She then wanted to set the record straight on the 'Tweaker'. If you recall, back on June 17 (day 44), a clearly under the influence man was interviewed by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department and allowed to go on his away. The CHP locked him up a short time later. At the time we could not figure out why the 4 deputies and the parole agents let this guy go when the CHP grabbed him in a slit second.

According to agent Walker this is what happened. Sgt. Andersen of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department was the one making the calls. It was his decision to let the 'Tweaker' walk away.

She said that the 'Tweaker' gave the deputies a phoney ID written on a card.

Wait, wait wait, take a look at this guy.

Kirk Daniel Fletcher

Now imagine he is standing in front of you, jerking like he is in the electric chair, and when you ask him for ID he gives you a hand written card?

Apparently Sgt. Anderson of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department thinks thats nothing to be alarmed about. What about Sgt. Cashmore? He led the counties anti-dui program for several years, surely with his vast experience he can spot an under the influence individual. Nope.

Parole agent Walker said that its a lot of paper work with these type of arrests (when they are arrested and not allowed to walk away). Perhaps Sgt. Anderson had more important things to do that evening.

After the Sheriff Deputies let Kirk Fletcher walk away Walker noticed him at the front of the clown house talking with Harriet Cooks. Harriet runs Camp Pervert.

Fletcher entered the clown house and Agent Walker asked Harriet if she knew that individual. She said she did. They both went inside and found a face sheet on him. This is when Agent Walker learned the tweakers true identity and that he was a Parolee at Large.

By then Fletcher had left the house. Agent Walker walked back down to the entrance of Last Chance for Enlightenment to inform the deputies of her findings. The deputies had already left but 3 CHP officers were on scene. Agent Walker informed them that Fletcher was wanted. At that time 2 kids on bikes arrived, said they just saw Fletcher on Orange Ave. and the CHP went an apprehended him.

We had wondered how the CHP officers were able to so quickly figure out that Fletcher was a bad guy when the Riverside County Sheriff's Department spent 15 minutes with him and just let him go. Now we know why, Agent Walker was able to give the CHP his real ID.

Still, it does not excuse the Sheriff Deputies for letting Fletcher go. He was clearly under the influence and they had a duty to perform, which they failed miserably.

I asked Parole Agent Walker why she did not recognise Fletcher. He was paroled to her office just 2 months ago and was now wanted for parole violations.

She said they have 4,000 parolees to deal with. That may be, but you have to wonder, how many wanted parolees can walk right by a parole agent and not be recognised?

Here's a crazy idea, how about a weekly briefing about the parolees at large assigned to your office? Naw, that makes to much sense and requires a little effort. Can't have any of that now can we.

Parole Agent Walker seemed like a nice lady. Too bad she is stuck in a broken system.

And finally here's a tip for all you bad guys. If you encounter a Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy, just write a phoney name on a card. It fools them every time.

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