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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Day 63 - Recap

Well I missed my first day, had another urgent matter to attend to.

Protesters reported in, said a Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy made an appearance. They said he was actually nice and supportive of our protest. Stop rubbing your eyes, thats what they say happened.

Today the John and Ken Show had some screwball on who represents the new California Prisoners Union.

Yep, you read it right, the prisoners and parolees now have a union. David Allyn Dokich could join for just $5 a month.

Why would prisoners and parolees want a union?

So they can lobby officials and get laws changed to their favor. And if laws get changed to favor the prisoners and parolees you will be the ones who suffer the consequences.

Example: They just lobbied against making registered sex offenders get a new drivers license every year. This would help verify their current address. They don't like that. We just lost one folks, pay attention to who you vote for next time.

John got the guy to say he would like to kill someone if they molested his daughter, but he did not want to make them get a new license each year. The guy said the perverts should get therapy so they would not be attracted to children, but John got him to admin that no therapy would change his attraction for his wife.

Listening to John skillfully interview the screwball was blissful. I swear John must have been a prosecutor in another life. He has a real knack for leading the knuckleheads into a box where there is no escape.

Tomorrow we will be protesting at the corner of Cajalco and Clarke starting at 3 pm. Lots of signs for the afternoon traffic including our super deluxe 'Arnold Approved Sex Offender Zone' signs.

See you there.

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