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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Day 67 - Recap, fire...fire

It was a bit before noon today when we got a call that an ambulance was at the sexual offender clown house again. Molly and I arrived as quick as we could but the ambulance had already left.

An independant video crew arrived right after we did. They heard over the scanner that someone had set themself on fire in bed. When the state crams that many child molesters, rapists and parolees into one house things are bound to get tense.

We later learned it was a J. Simmons that set himself on fire. We see no listing for him on Megan's Law so it would seem he is not on parole for child molestation.

We took the video crew over to the side of the clown house. Not much was happening.

There were 2 parole agent vehicles at the halfway house. Normally we only see them from 8 pm to 6 am.

We did notice that our parcels had been plowed. The ground is very loose now, we will have to pack it down so no one gets stuck.

We later learned that the person who last night had agreed to plow for free arrived today only to find it had already been done. Now we have a mystery, who plowed the field? Who ever you are, thanks, its a big help.

We had a small but vocal crowd tonight.

We also seem to have a new, friendly Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy on duty. We have spoken with him the past couple of nights and its been great. I'm leary to post his name, we don't want to get him in trouble for being nice to us 'evil' protesters.

Signing off for Sunday, see you tomorrow.

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