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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Day 71 - Who is Billy Lee Overstreet?

During the dog and pony show last night one guy out of the whole audience got up and said that we need to work together and find places for these parolees to live. It was odd and now we know why.

His name is Billy Lee Overstreet. He claims to run a sober living home in Riverside.

What he did not tell us, nor will you read it in the main stream press, is that he has a long criminal history dating back to the early 90's.

He has had charges and done time for possesion of a controlled substance (even while he was in prison), Under Influence/Controled Substance, Driving Under the Influence, Felony/Addict W/Gun, Assault w/weapon likely to produce GBI, False Imprisonment, Prohibited person own/ posses firearm or ammo, the list goes on.

Whats the point?

The point is he was passing himself off as just another member of the community who happened to agree with CDCR.

The facts seem to be that he runs a sober living home and therefore profits off of the release of these parolees back into the community.

This has been another Pervert Patrol investigative report.

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