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Friday, July 15, 2005

Day 72 - another update on the tweaker

This just keeps getting better and better. Read on.

Back on June 17th (day 44) the Pervert Patrol scored its first bust.

Long story short, Sheriff Deputies let a clearly under the influence driver go, CHP arrests him and we find out he is a Parolee at Large.

Kirk Daniel Fletcher

We later learned he has a long arrest history, recently spent time in Lancaster State Prison (level 4, the highest security) and was released on parole on 4/20/05 to Region 4, Office #2 of the parole department. Yep, the very same parole office that babysits Dokich was supposed to keep track of Kirk.

But it gets better.

We just learned that Kirk Daniel Fletcher was living at, you guessed it, Last Chance with David Allyn Dokich!

Here is the timeline the best I can piece it together.

4/20/05 - Fletcher released from Lancaster Prison and placed on Parole.

4/21/05 - Fletcher starts living at Last Chance.

5/05/05 - David Allyn Dokich placed in Last Chance, protesting starts.

5/18/05 - Parole discovers Fletcher has been missing for 2 days.

5/24/05 - Fletcher calls parole, said he could not take the protesting. Parole orders him back to Last Chance, Fletcher refuses. Fletcher becomes a Parolee at Large.

6/17/05 - Fletcher, for some dumb reason, decides to visit his parolee friends at Last Chance and gets arrested. This is your brain on drugs.

So it seems that with 10 days of protesting we drove him out of the clown house and then 1 month later we got him arrested. Score another one for the Pervert Patrol!

He will now be doing 7 more months in prison.

This has been a Pervert Patrol investigative report.

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