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Friday, July 29, 2005

Day 85 - Recap

Good, fun night of protesting.

Agent Whopper Ass Jr. and Agent Butterball were on babysitting duty tonight.

The Reverend Abraham Capers and Sweeney came down the driveway in Sweeney's old truck and slid to a stop, looked at us, then headed south on Old Elsinore. They have been cutting up the old trailer in back.

A few of us headed up to the side of the clown house. A couple of moms were in an suv driving the fence line and kicking up dust.

Whopper and Butterball were standing beside the house with a video camera. They are fixated on the protesters and pay little attention to the house full of child rapists, molesters and parolees.

Perhaps thats why a parolee was able to walk away from the half way house recently without any parole agents knowing he was gone, well at least until he called and told them he was no longer there. More on that later.

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See you next time and keep your kids safe.

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