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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Rantings of a Pervert #2

Monday, January 05, 2004

8:38 PM

I’ve researched a lot on the topic of sex offenders, why they do what they do, but more importantly what it is that they do. The problem with trying to treat a sex offender is very similar to trying to treat a drug addict. You can tell a drug addict how bad drugs are for them until you are blue in the face and even if the addict tries to believe what you tell them their will always be that little rational voice in the back of their head that says, “Ya, but nobody was really hurt" or "They're not really that bad."

Well, most of us know of course that that simply isn’t true, the drug user is just rationalizing their own behavior. So the mistake therapists commonly make is instead of digging into the source of that voice (which is in fact a rational voice—bear with me, I’ll explain) we instead berate the offender with how wrong and even monstrous their thinking is, without giving them credit for having an honest rational thought. That of course merely results in walls going up and progress, if any, being faked. This is how criminals are taught by the system to be manipulators (While anyone can tell you about the manipulative nature of criminals, what most people miss is that a person is rarely manipulative until after they have been through the system at least once).

Let me clear a few things up here before I go further: I am not a pedophile nor have I ever been accused of being one. Also, I was a child (age 16) when I committed my crime. And possibly most significant; because of my appearance and family circumstances I was molested so often and by so many different people that, up until the time of my offense, I actually thought it was normal and that everybody did it.

Society must learn to face the truth if it expects offenders to face the truth. We must face our own sickness before we can expect offenders to face theirs. We must learn to recognize and work within the social context of crime.

If we took just a fraction of the money we spend on criminal justice and used it instead to study ways to stop supporting criminal behavior we could bring crime to a virtual stand still. This has been shown in numerous studies. But it would also undermine the foundation of the entire Prison Industrial Complex. Billions of dollars would be lost by those in control, and redirected to various less influential organizations, like medical research, national health care, advanced education, and energy alternatives. Okay, maybe I am just dreaming.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

7:30 AM

I do want to say something about yesterday spiel though.

I wrote a lot of gibberish about adult-child sex, but I just want to clarify that I am very opinionated about almost all crimes, not just that one, having literally grown up in prison. I went to adult jail when I was 17 (having spent the first few months of my incarceration at a juvenile facility in Tacoma Washington), and did not get out until I was 38, just a few years ago. I think most crime in American is completely preventable, but after doing much reading and personal research I have discovered first hand the meaning behind the term “Prison Industrial Complex.”

There have been many books written on this topic that are based on solid research so I won’t go into it here, but in case this is a new term for you let me summarize for you: Our corrections system is more interested in reaping the benefits of “criminal justice” than stopping crime.

Crime really does pay, just not the ones who commit it. That’s why I say, “Criminals are victims too!” This sort of ties into what I wrote the other day suggesting that maybe society itself has some kind of intelligence beyond our own. I don’t think any corrections person thinks, “Let’s see how many crimes we can make happen today.” But, the System for which that person works does depend on crime to survive. So it finds ways, beyond the individuals’ intent, to survive, by encouraging more crime.

Don’t believe me; read what the experts have written about this phenomena. The reason why you don't here about this phenomena on the 5 o'clock news is that it is way to complex for the general public. That’s why nothing ever gets done about it. I hope maybe by using slogans and images I can help raise social awareness to the real issues. We need not fear criminals nearly as much as we should fear the source of criminals…”the Machine.”

If you are still thinking this is crap, then you are not thinking for yourself. Because these truths are self evident to a thinking mind. Here's another shocker...the world is not flat.

7:32 AM

Just got a call from my oldest sister...I'm a grand-uncle, agian! My Niece just had a healthy baby girl early this morning! Welcome to the world, little girl. Dispite appearances, it really is a wonderfull place to be and don't let anyone tell you different. Everything is exactly as it should be, because God doesn't make mistakes.


Your fearless blogger here. What do you think of this pervert? He seems to think prisons are some sort of perpetual motion machines that lock 'victims' up to sustain their own existence and that society is really to blame.

Here is a news flash for you pervert, we grew up in the same society as you and we do not run around raping little boys.

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