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Friday, July 08, 2005

Rantings of a Pervert #3

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Hitler Was Human, What He Did Was Not.
12:46 AM

When I was in prison I'd lived in "all black" cells--20 by 20 foot cells with 8 bunks. There were four "gang bangers" in that cell and listening to them talk about drive-by shootings as if I wasn't even there was enlightening. The peek into their street culture allowed me to see how they could do such "evil" things even though they perceived themselves as basically good and worthwhile people. It's called dehumanizing the victim (or disassociating from reality). The shocking part is that we call it anti-social behavior when inner-city black men do it so they can commit crimes, but we call it normal adaptive behavior when "law abiding citizens" dehumanize criminals, terrorist, or sex offenders (and in history, slaves, Jews, and gypsies). But it is all the same psychological trick.

I think if there was one thing I could fix about mans nature it would be this ability to see other men as not worthy of ones empathy, for any reason. I have often claimed that if I ever had to hurt someone to protect my life, or a loved ones life, I would do it with empathy for that person. I doubt if I would ever have to, but if I did I can only hope I would do it with compasion. When I lived in Seattle someone stoll my bicycle that I used to get to work. The only feeling I had toward the theif (who was never caught) was sorrow. Just imagine what kind of state of mind it takes to be able to take something from another person and not feel bad about it. That is a sad state of mind and one I would not wish on anyone.

All people are human, it is one of the most important lessons that Christ tried to teach us. Hitler had a heart and human feelings. It saddens me when I here Christians and Christian Leaders, even the leader of our country, declaring another person or people are evil and should be destroyed in Gods name. But, our government, just like all governments, today and throughout history, needs a nemesis to justify its need for power. One thing I learned very well in prison is that the best and only real protection a person has is their self, their friends, and their family.

1:25 AM

I have always been a very sensitive person; I suppose that is why I have an especially hard time with people thinking I would intentionally hurt another person. It's not that it bothers me because I know I wouldn't. It bothers me to know that they think I would. In fact; it hurts. But, I have learned to deal with my sensitive feelings by trusting that no matter how hurt I feel, it is okay because God has everything under control and feeling hurt is just a part of his plan, and so I try to embrace the pain, and then let it go, I never hang onto it.

Friday, January 09, 2004

2:51 PM

After taking a look at my last few posts to this blog I realized sadly that nobody is ever going to read this crap. I feel so frustrated knowing that I can see solutions to many problems in our society where most people don't even see the problems (or at least not the real problems). And I'm sure the solutions are correct becuase they are typically coroborated by experts. And the expert are also frustrated because no-body will listen to them iether.

Society is so full of fear, it just can't see striaght, and it is our government that propogates the fear.

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