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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Article: Weeding out bad group homes

This is a must read article. Props to Sarah Burge of the Press Enterprise.

The city of Riverside is doing what it can to get this cancer under control. Lets hope the County can do the same.

Here are some excerpts:

  • Since May 17, the task force has found 46 group homes and counting. The Police and Corrections Team and neighborhood groups have led the charge in identifying group homes throughout the city.
  • Riverside police Lt. Mark Boyer, who heads the task force, said inspectors have issued so many city code and fire code citations that they have created a backlog in the city attorney's office.
  • Boyer said the task force has gone after poorly run homes that "degrade the neighborhood and contribute to crime," most of which are sober-living homes, homes for parolees and probationers, and homes for people with mental disorders.

  • Boyer said 20 of the 46 houses identified have been inspected, resulting in 419 building-code citations and 106 fire-code citations.

  • The task force found 22 people living in a single five-bedroom house in Orangecrest, Boyer said.
  • There are some sober-living homes in the city that follow the rules, Boyer said, but "most of the 'sober-living' homes say that in word only.
  • Boyer shook his head in disbelief as he described the corrosive effect that some group homes have had on neighborhoods.

    He said the bad behavior of group-home residents has driven other neighbors to sell their houses. The owners of the group homes, in turn, will buy those up, creating strings of problem houses on a single block.

  • One problem the task force has encountered, Boyer said, is that parole agencies have been "less than forthcoming" about where they place parolees.

Click here to read the entire article

Its a great article, give it a read.

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