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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Breaking News: Joseph Duncan responsible for local Riverside kidnapping/murder in 1997?

Joseph Edward Duncan, convicted child molester and recently accused of molesting Shasta Groene and molesting and killing Dylan Groene, her brother and beating to death her mother, another brother and another man may be linked to the 1997 kidnapping and murder of Anthony Martinez.

Anthony was kidnapped from his home in Beaumount on April 4, 1997. His decomposing body was found in a remote area of Indio on April 19, 1997.

I took part in the search and the killer was never found.

There is new information now:

  • Duncan matches a composite sketch.
  • Duncan was in California at the time.
  • Duncan's father lived in the area.

I created the pic above for comparison. In the third photo I added a baseball cap.

Witness statements said the suspect had a very large adams apple and so does Duncan. Also notice the pronounced cheek bones.

Also of note is that Duncan's father lived in Highland at the time, just 20 miles west of Beaumont.

Sheriff Doyle will hold a press conference today at 1:00 pm


Sheriff Bob Doyle says Duncan's fingerprints puts him at the scene of Anthony's murder.



Sheriff Bob Doyle said print was from the side of Duncan's thumb. Matching print found where body was found. FBI was involved. Still developing case so information being released is limited.

From KCAL 9 news at 2 pm.

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