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Friday, August 19, 2005

Day 106 - Dokich comes down to the road

We are trying to get out in the afternoon since the kids have to walk by the clown house.

Today Dave Dokich was working on the fence next to our property. Another person we did not recognise was with him. It looked like Corissa Cooks was out there too but she had a hood pulled over her head as a disquise.

The front gate was left wide open. Our concern is that some kid, not knowing what goes on in that clown house, will walk up there asking for help. Flat tire, bathroom, etc..

We were shooting some video of the open gate when Dokich came from around that back of the house. He saw us and did not look very happy.

It was about 4:30 pm and I was heading home. I got to Orange (just one block away) and noticed a school bus. 2 teenage girls got off and started heading south towards the pervert house.

I turned around and started driving back and forth on the road to watch and make sure they got past the halfway house.

Just as they were passing in front of the house the guy who was working on the fence with Dokich walked to the mailbox on the road. Right behind him was Corissa Cooks and behind her was David Allyn Dokich...with what looked like a video camera!

Unfortunately I was driving at the time and could not get a picture.

We have never seen Dokich down at the road. These same 2 girls walked by at the same time yesterday. Now he knows that.

We will do our best to make sure the kids can get home safely.

See you next time.

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