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Monday, August 01, 2005

Day 88 - Recap, another bust for the Pervert Patrol

This is a long one folks, lots of details, grab some coffee and enjoy.

I arrived at the half way house were David Allyn Dokich resides at 6:30 pm. No one else had arrived which was a blessing. I parked my vehicle behind some trees and was able to observe the activities of the half way house with binoculars without them knowing they were being watched.

The Reverend Abraham Capers was using a backhoe to load the remains of the now destroyed trailer into a truck. A couple of other individuals were watching him but I could not tell who they were.

After a few minutes David Dokich came out of the house and put a rope around one of the dogs. He was not wearing a shirt, has a lot of color to his skin, has no belly and has a well defined upper torso.

I yelled from across the street "Hey pervert, leave that dog alone". He looked up, seemed a bit startled that someone was watching him, made some motion with his hand then went back inside the house.

The parole agents arrived at about 6:45 pm, a female and a male.

The female went into the house for about 1 minute which is unusual because we seldom see parole agents enter the house. She came out the front door and walked around back to hang out with the parolees.

The male parole agent exited his vehicle with a large stack of folders and entered the front door. Again, not something we usually see.

Over the next half hour or so about 20 protesters showed up. Some decided to go up to our property beside the clown house to see what was going on. I hung back on the road talking to some friends that had arrived.

A cell call came down, something about 'run over'. I was not sure what that meant as there is a fence along our property but I double timed it on foot to see what was going on.

I arrived and found quite a scene. About 10 protesters where yelling across the fence and the perverts and their pervert loving friends were yelling back. It was loud, but it was just yelling at that point.

I found out that the 'run over' call was about. The Reverend Abraham Capers was out back working a rake, cleaning up the remains of the trailer. He along with another individual were the ones who had attempted to 'run over' a protester a few weeks back.

The female parole agent (I do not have her name, yet) was standing beside Capers brown Ford full size truck. This is probably about 50 feet from the fence. She had her eyes fixed on us.

Another individual we have not seen before was also there. Its hard to describe this person. If you ever saw the original The Longest Yard with Burt Reynolds, there was a male prison character who acted female. Thats what this person was like.

We were really scratching our heads on this one. Was this a man or a woman? It was wearing shorts and a blue t-shirt. It had a long cigarette in one hand and a tall styrofoam cup with a straw in the other.

This person came right up to the fence. It started flipping everyone off, one person at a time, even the kids. Someone asked it if it was a man or a woman. It replied (sounding kind of like Michael Jackson) "I'm a man". Then it turned around, bent over and shook its ass at us.

Frank was yelling but what else is new. The female parole agent was watching all of this because it was quite loud.

Then 'it' walked right up to the fence, took the top off of its cup, and tossed the contents onto Frank.

I was standing to the immediate right of Frank. I saw ice cubes and a clear liquid hit him square in the face and then drip all over his shirt. Then I smelled it, alcohol! The cup was full of some type of alcohol and it was not beer. A so called 'sober living' home serving alcohol, interesting. Shows what a fantastic job those parole agents are doing for $1,100 a day.

I started yelling at the parole agent to do her job, she just saw an assault. Nothing, she just stared at us. More on this later.

'It' ended up going back into the clown house (to change its blue shirt to a white one) as we started calling the Sheriff's department. This was about 7:25 pm.

While we were waiting...and waiting....for Sheriff's Deputies to arrive there was more yelling between protesters and the Reverend Capers. He wanted to meet one of the protesters at a local liquor store so he could 'kick his ass'. What kind of Reverend is he anyway?

At 7:55 pm the first deputy arrived. 30 minutes, not quite as fast as they respond for the molesters, rapists and parolees but we will take it. I had walked down to the dirt road to meet him. He asked for Frank's wife as she is the one who made the call. I pointed to the other side of the property and told him he could drive there because the ground is now well packed. He said 'I don't want to start a fire'.

OK, time out, let me translate for you. When he said 'I don't want to start a fire' what he was really saying was "I don't want to be here". Hey, I have been out here for 88 days and I have learned how to speak RSO.

I then offered to walk him up to where the assault occured. Again he declined, asking that I bring them down to him. This was not going well.

I motioned to the protesters and they all walked down to where I and the deputy were. Another deputy arrived and they wanted to speak with Frank alone so we hung back about 30 feet. I used my binoculars to see the second deputies name, Etheridge (sic). As I tried to look at the first deputies name he covered it with his arm. Why was he hiding his name? Later, when he gave Frank a card with the case number on it, where he was supposed to write his name he wrote "Deputy" and left the rest blank. Odd.

While they were talking with Frank 2 other deputies arrived at the clown house and appeared to be speaking with the 2 parole agents.

Molly was getting frustrated. The deputies speaking with Frank did not appear to want to speak with any witnesses and there were about 10 of us. Molly started calling Lt. Herrera's number amd made sure the deputies could hear what she was doing.

I walked back down to the road at this point to let everyone know what was going on.

After a while the deputies from the side that had been speaking with Frank drove up to the pervert house and the other protesters joined us down on the road. At some point Sgt. Wood joined the fun because of the calls made to Lt. Herrera by Molly.

We had members of 3 different law enforcement agencies in our group tonight. They seemed to think that this was all a show by the Riverside County Sheriff Deputies for our benefit and that nothing would happen.

About an hour after this all started 2 deputies approached our group and said there was nothing they could do. We asked them why and they replied that the parole agent did not see 'it' throw any thing. I said that even if she had her eyes closed they still have 10 other witnesses. They said no, she did see the whole thing and said nothing was thrown!


I could see her watching everything, she choose to ignore it then lied to the deputies about it. Plain and simple, the parole agent lied. More on this later and its many implications. We will be getting her name and filing a complaint against her.

Molly got on the phone again, calling Lt. Herrera. The deputies started taking witness statements including mine. At some point I think it clicked with them that our group was telling the truth. Frank had to take off his shirt because they needed it for evidence. They then drove up to the clown house, put handcuffs on 'it' and then put 'it' into the back of a Sheriff's car.

As all of the Sheriff's vehicles left we stood and gave them a round of applause. Score one for the good guys. It took some arm twisting but the Riverside County Sheriff's Department finally came through for a change.

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See you next time and keep your kids safe from the predators.

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