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Friday, August 05, 2005

Day 92 - Recap

We had about a dozen protesters out tonight.

After it got dark 5 of us went up to the side of the clown house. One of the windows did not have the shades pulled and we could see inside. The door to the room had the number 5 on it, so apparently each room has a number.

In the past the outside of the clown house is well lit with a combination of standard and motion sensitive lights. Many of these were installed after we started protesting the arrival of twice convicted violent child rapist David Allyn Dokich.

Tonight all the lights were out. Maybe its a new strategy on the perverts and parole agents part. Perhaps they think that if its dark we will just forget about the perverts and go home.

Well we have news for them, we can see just fine in the dark, it is 2005 after all. The 2 parole agents were sitting at the table in the back of the house. Thats about all they do, sit around, read the paper, play with the dogs, take naps in the cars and make nice with the parolees.

We had a couple of bull horns working to full effect. Shortly after 9pm a Riverside County Sheriff Deputies car drove up the dirt road. We watched as it got to the end of the road, turned around, and left.

Finally the RSO got it right. They have to respond to the calls from the perverts and parole agents, which they did, and they have to leave us alone because we are not violating any laws, which they did.

We have a meeting with Sheriff Bob Doyle on Monday. While the RSO deputies gave us a hard time in the beginning, the past month has been pretty good on their part and I will make sure he knows that. Hopefully we can work with Sheriff Doyle and improve the situation for all of us, protesters and deputies.

Just before 9:30pm the Reverend Abraham Capers aka Limp Pimp Daddy arrived.

Right about 10pm a deputy (one of the nice guys) stopped and started chatting. Apparently Harriet Cooks had called 911 (you know, the number for an emergency) and wanted the sheriffs to be there when her daughter, Corissa Cooks, arrived. You can read more about that in the post below, but here are a couple of additional thoughts.

Normally the parole agents walk down to the road and escort vehicles in and out of the property. This time, while there were 2 parole agents at the halfway house, they apparently refused Harriets request.

Why is Harriet Cooks tying up the emergency line when there is no emergency?

Thats about all for now, keep your kids safe.

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