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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Day 96 - How many people are in Last Chance?

Many of these halfway houses can avoid being licensed because they have 6 or fewer residents. A resident is anyone with a heartbeat, not just parolees.

As of now we know the following live at Last Chance Enlightenment located at 21200 Old Elsionore Rd., Perris CA.

Well thats 6 so called 'residents'.

You may remember that Vanessa had been moved to Moreno Valley. Well she is back at Last Chance. We saw her on the 1st of August and now have other information confirming that Last Chance is her current residence.

What about Terence Glenn Hanley? Back on August 1st he committed battery on a protester, was arrested by RSO, went back to prison and then was released back to parole. Although Hanley is required to register as a sex offender his offense does not require his address to be made public. Is Hanley back at Last Chance? If he were would parole even admit it?

BTW, Hanley's page on Megan's Law says the following: THIS SEX OFFENDER HAS BEEN IN VIOLATION OF REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS SINCE 08/08/2005.

We will keep an eye on the situation.

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