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Friday, August 05, 2005

Tragedy at the clown house, 911 called, Sheriff responds!

Breaking news from the clown house...its so shocking, I need a minute to compose myself, oh, my, this is terrible, oh, my, get out of the way, please! This is one of the worst catastrophes in the world!...Oh, ...oh, the humanity!

We have just learned that Harriet Cooks, perveyor of perverts, placed a frantic call to 911 to alert public safety officials that her daughter, Corissa Cooks, was traveling home to the clown house!

Thanks to our super secret Pervert Patrol eavesdropping technology, we are able to replay the conversation between Harriet Cooks and the 911 operator:

911 - "911 operator, what is your emergency"
HC - "Hurry, my daughter is driving home!"
911 - "So?"
HC - "So I live with a bunch of perverts!"
911 - "Ma'am calm down, what is the emergency?"
HC - "Well there are some moms out on the road and they will yell at my daughter!"
911 - "So?"
HC - "So do something about it!"
911 - "Are you the tax dollar whore I heard about on KFI today?"
HC - "Yes thats me, no wait, I am not a whore!"
911 - "Yeah, whatever, we will send someone over"

Hey Harriet, next time call (951)776-1099, the NON emergency line.

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