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Friday, August 05, 2005

Unleashed Magazine and Harriet Cooks busted on the John and Ken Show!

'Molly' was on the John and Ken Show today just after 6pm to talk about the Unleashed Magazine article.

John and Ken mentioned how 25 copies of this magazine they had never heard of before (neither had we) was dumped off at their office with the last page bookmarked. Thats where the 'Can You be Judge & Jury' article appeared.

'Molly' walked them through how she exposed the article as a sham, linking the subject of the article, Harriet Cooks to the magazines CEO and Editor in Chief, Ron Samuel.

I can't remember the exact words he used, but John did ask about the undesirable types that get attracted to various causes and protests and its a good question. We have had a couple of those ourselves.

Over 2 months ago a character showed up and wanted to knock down the gate with his truck. The protesters discouraged him from doing that, but he did end up tossing some sort large fire cracker at the gate.

After that another distraught gentleman whos daughter had recently been murdered drove his truck up the driveway, parked right next to the clown house and blasted his rather large horns for about a minute. We were yelling at him from the road not to do it, but thats about all we could do.

Thats the only 2 incidents I can recall. Has anything happened when we were not there? I can't say. But Harriets false statements were clearly directed at the regular protesters. Fortunately we were able to expose her, Unleashed Magazine, its CEO and her son Ron Samuel and the author of the article Todd Cole.

Thank you John and Ken and KFI for setting the record straight.

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