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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Unleashed Magazine EXPOSED

Near the end of the John and Ken Show on Wednesday, August 3rd, they mentioned that someone had sent them a copy of Unleashed Magazine (I know, I never heard of it either). In the back is an article about Harriet Cooks and our protesting.

The magazine (and I use that term lightly, get it, Mr. Cole?) has nothing that identifies the issue. No month, no number. However, if you want to find it, it has a picture of actress Kelly Hu on the cover. She is in short shorts and does not have a top on. Yep, thats the type of 'magazine' we are dealing with here.

O.K., on to the 'article' or perhaps more appropriately, hit piece on us.

John and Ken read a few excerpts, one of which was "They blocked my driveway, hit my car with a stick, and they're out her with their kids calling me nigger, bitch, whore!".

The entire article is full of slanderous statements, but that word hurt our group the most. It never happened, period! We have been out there for 90 days and we have never heard anyone utter that word, ever!

As a group we have people of every color, whites, blacks, hispanics, all standing side by side protesting.

David Allyn Dokich tried to play the race card the very first week he arrived. A reporter asked him what he thought of the protesters and he said "they are just a bunch of mexicans, thats why they don't want me here". Now it looks like Harriet Cooks is trying to play the race card too.

We have never seen anyone hit her car with any thing, ever. As far as blocking the driveway, we do walk back and forth across it but attempting to block it would get us run over. People coming and going from that house have attempted to hit us on many occasions, but you won't read about that in the article.

I will not repeat the entire article here, but lets examine the following sentence:

Even a local radio station, K-F-I AM Radio 640 often broadcast their daily radio show (The "John and Ken Show") live from 3pm to 7pm adjacent to Ms. Cooks' property.

  1. "often"? They "often" broadcast their show from here? John and Ken have been here ONE TIME in the past 90 days. I don't think the word "often" applies.
  2. "adjacent"? They broadcast "adjacent" to the property? John and Kens sole show out here was across the street, 2 football fields away from the clown house. Again, the word "adjacent" does not apply.
  3. "Ms. Cooks' property"? Its not Ms. Cooks's property, the property the clown house sits on is assessors parcel number 322150002 and belongs to Renee Thomas Winifred, not Ms. Cooks.
So there you have it, in one sentence they have 3 inaccuracies. You can imagine how inaccurate the rest of the article is.

The article is so one sided and so false, we have to ask, why? Is it some bleeding heart softy writting this piece of drivel? Why did they not approach us for our take on the situation?

Well we know why, follow along boys and girls as we connect the dots.

Harriet Cooks has a daughter, Corissa Cooks. From her bio page from Cal State San Bernardino
we learn she has a brother, Ron Samuel.

So what does Ron Samuel do?

Ron Samuel is the CEO and Editor in Chief of Unleashed Magazine!

No where in that article does it mention that the subject of the piece, Harriet Cooks, is related to the magazines CEO and Editor, Ron Samuel.

But now you know the truth.

This has been another Pervert Patrol investigative report.

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