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Friday, September 23, 2005

David Goldstein of CBS 2 news busts parole again

Last May David Goldstein found a clown house in LA with 11 sex offenders, including a child molester on parole. The clown house is right around the corner from an elementary school.

Back then parole said it was a 'mistake' and moved the child molester. The principal of the school was told the problem was resolved.

Last night on the channel 2 news at 11 pm David Goldstein found parole up to their dirty little tricks again at the same clown house.

The person running the clown house denied they had sex offenders but David Goldstein had the evidence and confirmed it with parole. Once again, just like last time, parole said it was a 'mistake'.

Parole breaks the rules all the time, we see it. Its their dirty little secret.

Last Chance Enlightenment is not licensed by the state and therefore has a limit of 6 residents. As of last week they had at least 8. Parole knows it, they place them there.

Why does parole continually break the rules? Could they be getting a little something extra on the side? The more sex offenders they can cram into a halfway house the more money there is to be made by all involved.

So we ask the question, why are you breaking the rules parole?

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