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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Day 133 - Recap, molester on the loose

We got an early start this morning, 9am. There were a lot of things happening at the clown hose this morning, we may have to pull some more am shifts.

The Expedition left shortly after 9am and headed south. I was curious to see if they went to the Cox St. house so I headed over there. The Expedition was not there but Michael William Bryan was. Speculation is that Harriet Cooks moved him there to hide him from code enforcement. Since he has a 288b conviction is is not allowed to live within 1/4 of a school while on parole. The Cox St. house is within 1/4 mile of Enchanted Hill Elementary. Think parole cares?

I headed back to the clown house. Upon arriving 'Susan' told me some of the other protesters had spotted one of the molesters at the buss stop down the road. I headed over there. It was Robert Glen Wurtz.

Megans' Law photo

Notice the notepad and buss schedule

'Molly' reeling him in

'Molly' had struck up a conversation with him and then I arrived. We both pretended we were going to take the buss somewhere. One of the first things he asked her was "Do you have kids?". He claimed to not live in the area. He said he owned a home in San Diego and property in Arizona. He said he was selling the Arizona property and looking to buy here. Odd that he would need a buss to get around.

Heading for the elementary school

He was asking for directions. The elementary school 1/2 mile away came up. At first he said "thats against what I want to do". We asked if he did not want to be around a school and he said he wanted to put in a park for seniors. Shortly after that he said he wanted to walk toward the school to look around.

He had a notepad. We watched as he stopped at various houses and wrote down notes. One house he stopped at had a kiddies pool in front, another had large plastic play toys. He seemed to be casing the neighborhood, trying to figure out which houses had kids.

He only made it about half way to the school and then returned to the clown house.

At 10am we saw parole agent arrive. He parked in back of the clown house. David Allyn Dokich and Yvonne Rose Hurst got out of the car with the parole agent and they all went into the house. We are not sure if he left early that morning or the night before.

Shortly after that the parole agent left. Yvonne Rose Hurst was in the front passenger seat and Robert Glen Wurtz was in the back seat.

Parole taking him somewhere, they told him to duck and cover

Yes parole, we know what you are doing

We know the following live in the house:

3 non child molesters

Thats 8. Bryan is still listed at the house but we believe he is really living at the Cox St. house.

Because there is no license for this house they are only supposed to have 6 residents. They have at least 8. Parole knows, they were in the house this very morning. Why is parole helping Harriet Cooks break the law? Does she do them 'favors'? We will dig deeper into this.

We protested again tonight. No sign of Dokich. We did make it up to the side of the house. 3 bullhorns were going full blast. We were waiting for the Riverside County Sheriff's Department to violate our civil liberties again but they never showed up. Bummer.

See you tomorrow and keep your kids safe.

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