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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Day 139 - Recap

No protest tonight, however I have learned of something else that occured this past weekend.

On Saturday 'Bonnie' noticed the 2 dogs from the clown house following a man down the road. These 2 dogs look like black lab / pitt mixes and are very friendly. The gates to the clown house are often left open and the dogs are free to roam. They often try to come down to the road and we do our best to get them back in the yard, afraid they will get hit by traffic.

On Sunday 'Bonnie' returned home to find a Riverside County Sheriff's car parked out front. The deputy wanted to know if she knew anything about a neighbors missing dogs. 'Bonnie' asked if he was referring to Harriets Cooks' dogs and he said yes.

Hold on, stop the press.

The Riverside County Sheriff's department is now in the business of looking for lost dogs? When did this start? Animal Control won't help you find your lost dog, but now RSO will?

Truth be told, they probably won't help you find your lost pet, unless you run a halfway house for child molesters. Perhaps Harriet Cooks' is giving them 'a little something extra' for the special attention she receives.

Keep your kids safe, see you next time.

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