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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Day 146 - Recap

More odd behavior from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. 'Frank' got to the protest before everyone else and parked his truck beside Old Elsinore Rd. It did not take long before an RSO deputy arrived. He told 'Frank' the clown house had called and complained because his truck was parked out front. The deputy then told 'Frank' he needed to move his truck.

It now appears that in Riverside County if someone parks in front of your house you can call the Riverside County Sheriff's Department and have them tell the vehicle owner to move it because its bothering you. Unbelievable but true. Of course you may need to grease some palms at RSO or run a halfway house for child molesters.

Again one of the persons from the halfway house was out yelling at us again. It's hard to tell what they are saying but I did hear "I will find you and you can take that to the bank". I replied they did not have a bank seeing as they just got out of prison and all.

I saw a couple of new signs up on polls tonight. The first seems to be referring to good pal of Harriet Cooks and parole supervisor, Lisa Abma. The second seems to take exception to the preferential treatment the child molesters receive from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. Maybe we have a secret admirer.

See you next time and keep your kids safe.

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