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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Day 147 - Raid on the clown house?

There was a mix of parole, Temecula PD and RCO vehicles at the clown house this morning.

Was this some sort of raid or perhaps Harriet Cooks' check bounced.

The Temecula PD car (actually Riverside County Sheriff's Department with a Temecula uniform) had a police dog. One of the RSO deputies was wearing gloves. They may have been searching for drugs.

Notice the parole agent in the passenger seat in the last 2 pictures. He is more concerned with taking pictures of protesters than protecting the community from child molesters.

Notice the parole agent driving in the last 2 pictures. He is the one who told 'Molly' months ago he would like to punch her in her face. He's a real tough guy.

Seems they have women beaters watching child molesters. No wonder the parole agents seemed to get along so well with the child molesters when they were spending the night there to allegedly watch David Allyn Dokich.

Thanks to 'Molly' for the photos!

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