David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Day 149 - Recap

Today we purposely parked beside the road in front of the halfway house. The other day the Riverside County Sheriff's Department made a protester move his legally parked vehicle at the request of the perverts in the clown house. RSO vehicles drove by a few times but never stopped.

What will it take for the Riverside County Sheriff's Department to wrap their brains around the fact that we are legally protesting under the First Amendment?

A CHP vehicle drove by and waved at us and we waved back. They are the best.

Not much was happening at the clown house tonight. Convicted child molester Vanessa Teicher stood in the backyard and made some gestures towards us, but thats about it.

We did learn something about yesterdays 'raid'. A source in RSO said they only found 6 people in the house.

Well thats a shocker.

Parole places the sex offenders and other parolees in the clown house. They don't need a 'raid' to know how many people are in there, they put them there in the first place!

However, since another agency was taking place in this 'raid', do you really think parole would let them (in this case, RSO) find out that parole and this halfway house were breaking the 6 and under rule?

Of course not.

This halfway house is a 'cash cow' as we have been told. Parole agent Lisa Abma and Harriet Cooks, who runs the clown house, are buddies. Lisa is not going to let her pal get burned. If she did then she would have no where to send these low lifes.

Paroel breaks the rules by placing too many people in the clown house. We see the alcohol and drug use, yet some how parole does not. We see teenagers being brought to the home, violating the terms of Dokich's parole, yet parole does nothing. Do you really think parole would hesitate to tip the halfway house off about a raid?

So long as parole is involved no other agency will ever find anything wrong in that house. It's too high profile and parole will do what ever it takes to keep themselves from being embarrassed.

Now you can understand what we are up against.

See you tomorrow and keep your kids safe.

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