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Friday, September 30, 2005

Day 150 - Recap, its been 5 months, we had some special guests

Its been 5 months of protesting. Parole said they would hunker down and that we would go away. Well here is a news flash for you knuckleheads in parole, we are still here!

We started a bit earlier than normal today, 5:30 pm. The perverts were not expecting that.

Click the play button or click the videos link and look for '5 month anniversary protest video' to watch the video.

Sweeney was out front using a backhoe. I was taping him and he did not like it. He took a swing at me with the bucket but missed.

Swing and a miss

The Expedition flew in from the north, doing about 20-25 mph and barely missed me. It happened so fast I did not have the video camera ready.

Child molester Vanessa Teicher arrived after that. She is the one who traded in her kids, including a 1 year old, so she could molest a 13 year old.

Vanessa Teicher

A man and woman arrived in a green car. The man went inside the clown house and came out with a spot light. They then drove slowly down the driveway. As they approached the road the driver floored it, just missing 'Frank'.

a near miss

Next a couple arrived in an old El Camino. They did not stay at the clown house long. As the female driver approached the road she floored it too, just missing protesters and on-coming traffic.

she looks mad

another near miss

Well that was three near misses, four if you count the backhoe.

A Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy arrived. Of course he said there was nothing he could do. I don't know why we even bother asking any more.

He seemed like a nice guy, but when we see that uniform we expect bad things to happen

Now the good part. We had some very special guests today.

The first is Linda Dunn. Linda is a deputy district attorney for Riverside. I will dedicate another article entirely to her, she is incredible and everyone needs to know all she does for us. But let me take the time here to say that were it not for Linda Dunn we would have a lot more David Allyn Dokich's running around.

The next special guest is a victim of David Allyn Dokich. She does not live in the area and travelled a great distance to visit with us. She had a close relative with her for support.

I am being intentionally vague and will not give her name out here. She still fears David Allyn Dokich, even decades after his abuse of her stopped.

She shared her story with everyone and there were not many dry eyes. She is an amazing woman and showed a great deal of courage coming out here considering all she has been through.

She and Linda Dunn were both very concerned for all the teenagers at the protest and in the area. They each have no doubt that given the opportunity Dokich will attack again.

It was a great day for all of us to be able to meet in person these very special people.

A special note about the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. Once they learned that someone from the DA's office was at the protest they changed their tune. Suddenly we could protest and 'make all the noise you want'. Interesting. Too bad we can't have someone from the DA's office out here all the time.

Take care of your children and we will see you next time.

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