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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Day 152 - Recap

We did not protest on Saturday but we did make it out Sunday for a couple of hours.

We noticed was that someone bashed in the mailbox and dumped some trash in front of the clown house. A neighbor told us it happened about 1 am Sunday morning.

That was a metal mailbox surrounded by bricks so it took some pounding to cave it in like that. This is the replacement for the first mailbox that was destroyed months ago.

Dokich bricked this one in, he has more work to do

A loveseat and other trash were left in front of the clown house

Another notice mysteriously appeared on the post in front of the halway house for child molesters. It looks much like the notice left by code enforcement, but this one is from the Pervert Patrol - Mead Valley Division.

Another day, another notice

We saw an RSO vehicle arrive and park on the dirt road adjacent to the clown house. Its odd how they only show up when there is a protest. A few of us hopped into an SUV and drove by the deputy on our way up to the side of the halfway house.

We watch the child molesters, RSO watches us

We caught some of the child molesters, including David Allyn Dokich, in back of the halfway house. As soon as they saw us they ran inside.

David Allyn Dokich is on the right

You can see your tax dollars hard at work in the last picture. The child molesters don't have to work, they get to lift weights, play pool, watch tv and kick back while you pay their bills.

See you next time and keep your kids safe.

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