David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Monday, October 10, 2005

Day 160 - Recap

We did not protest yesterday but we did protest today.

The good news is that the protester that was hospitalized is now home. Her doctor told her to 'avoid stress'.

How is a mother with 2 teenage daughters supposed to avoid stress when parole puts a high risk sex offender who targets teenage girls right down the road from you?

Nothing exciting happened today. The Riverside County Sheriff's Department drove by a few times but did not arrest us. If you recall, 2 protesters were arrested on Sept. 1st. Our court day is this Friday.

All the regular vehicles were at the clown house. We keep track of them because it helps us determine who is in and who is out:

  • Silver Ford Taurus - David Allyn Dokich
  • Grey Ford Expedition - Harriet Cooks
  • Grey Mitsubishi - Corissa Cooks
  • Black Jaguar - Rev. Al 'Pimp Daddy' Capers (he has 2 of them)
  • Blue Honda - Vanessa Teicher
  • Blue Escort - Unknown (showed up a couple of weeks ago)
Recent information leads us to believe there are 3 non child molester parolees living in the halfway house. We do not think they have vehicles.

We know convicted child molester Terence Glenn Hanley does not have a vehicle.

We know convicted child molester Robert Glen Wurtz does not have a vehicle.

The blue Escort may belong to convicted child molester Richard Arlin Ratliff. Both showed up at the clown house at about the same time.

Lets do a head count:

  • 5 convicted child molesters
  • 3 other parolees
  • Harriet Cooks
  • Corissa Cooks
Thats 10 people.

Isn't it funny how parole claims there are only 6 people in the house. Of course they say that, 6 is the limit and they know it. They also know the more child molesters and parolees they cram into that house the more money everyone can make.

Thats all for now. Keep your kids safe, there is a high risk sex offender driving around the area now.

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