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Friday, October 14, 2005

Day 164 - Recap, Dokich gets mad

It started out like most days protesting do, protesters on the side of the road, passing cars honking their horns. Later we would get a glimpse at the angry side of David Allyn Dokich, the side he tries to hide but can't quite control, the side that results in teenage girls being beaten and raped. Read on.

It was already dark, around 8 pm, when we saw the Rev. Abraham Capers, aka 'Limp Pimp Daddy' arrive in his black Jaquar. He drove up the driveway but the gates were locked. He waited a few minutes but no one would open the gates for him.

He headed back down the driveway. Once he got to the road he yelled something at the protesters. 'Molly' was yelling back and 'Alan' started walking up to the car asking "what, what, what?". Capers hit the gas and got out of there.

Around 8:30 pm 5 protesters headed up to the side of the clown house. They just stood there in the dark, quietly watching.

4 of them were crouched down behind the plywood the perverts have put up against the chain link fence. It makes for effective cover, thanks perverts!

The other, 'Alan', simply stood beside the fence. Soon the guy with long grey hair (we don't know who he is but we do not think he is a child molester) yelled "there is some f#%@er over by the fence".

As soon as he said that Dave Dokich came from around the corner yelling "where, where". He walked about halfway to the fence and stopped.

Time for a David Allyn Dokich - Conditions of Parole check.

  • You will remain inside your residence of record between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
We can add that to the growing list of parole conditions Dokich breaks and parole ignores.

It's interesting that Dokich only walked as far as he could without being picked up by the video cameras on that side of the house.

'Alan' started telling Dokich how his own son thinks he is a piece of crap. We have also been told that his brother Gary, who lives in Orange County, did not want to take him in because Gary has a teenage daughter. 'Alan' made sure to mention that.

The details really seemed to get to Dokich. It could be that he has told a completely different story to the other people in the halfway house and he does not want them to learn the truth.

Dokich then challenged 'Alan' to a fight. 'Alan' walked back down to the road and waited, alone, for Dokich at the driveway. Dokich never showed up, preferring to stay in the yard yelling. At one point Dokich yelled "your days are numbered". Is that a threat?

'Alan' continued to wait for Dokich, but after a few minutes of yelling and issuing threats Dokich ran back inside the house.

Thats all for this episode, tune in tomorrow, same Dokich channel, same Dokich time.

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