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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Day 168 - Recap

It's cold!

When we first arrived it was raining, even though the forecast said it was not supposed to. Fortunately it did not last long. Unfortunately it was cold. Hey, 55 degrees feels like an ice age here in So Cal.

We could see David Allyn Dokich's and Vanessa Teicher's cars in back, but we did not see Harriet or Corissa Cooks' cars.

Shortly after 7 pm the Expedition approached from the North. We may not have noticed it however it flashed its high beams at us. It pulled into the driveway of the clown house but stopped before it got to the old gate. The driver got out and said something but we could not hear them.

The Expedition then went up to the halfway house and parked. We could tell it was Corissa Cooks driving by her profile. Definately not fat enough to be her mom Harriet. Again she started yelling at us and again we could not hear what she was saying.

We walked over to the driveway and saw what all the fuss was about. Some of the garbage that had been dumped in front of the clown house a few weeks back was in the driveway. Apparently that's what she was yelling about. They should think about cleaning that mess up instead of yelling at us about it. What kind of people leave a bunch of garbage outside their house anyway? Oh yeah, they type that have a bunch of garbage inside their house.

We left shortly after that, it was cold, next time we need to wear our long johns.

See you next time and keep your kids safe.

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