David Allyn Dokich - Serial Child Rapist / High Risk Sex Offender

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Day 170 - Recap, Ratliff sighting

We changed things up today. Instead of protesting in the afternoon and evening, we started at 8:30 am.

We got our first look at convicted child molester Richard Arlin Ratliff. He was in back with convicted child molester Robert Glen Wurtz and grey haired dude.


It's interesting watching what goes on at the clown house in the morning. The child molesters get to kick back on the patio, eating, drinking, smoking, while you are hard at work. Hey, someone has to support them, they don't work, it might as well be you.

Breakfast on the patio

We left after a couple of hours. All the vehicles were still there when we left, but a check at 11 am showed that David Allyn Dokich's taurus was gone. Bet you feel better knowing he is driving around unsupervised.

Take care of your kids, halloween is coming up, the perfect opportunity for child predators.

See you next time.

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