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Friday, October 21, 2005

Day 171 - Recap

We are coming up on 6 months of protesting!

A nice lady stopped by for 30 minutes or so. She was not sure what was going on and seemed quite shocked when we filled her in on the details.

A few of us made it up to the side of the clown house. We could see all the tv's on in the various rooms. The child molesters must be tired from another day of not working. Don't worry, that's what they have you for.

Something else is going on with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. I will be able to write about it tomorrow, but for now let's just say they want a mulligan. For those of you that may be golfing impaired, that's a "do-over" - hit a bad shot, take a mulligan and try again.

Also, next week we should have some 'legal' things happening. I will write about it when I can.

Keep your kids safe, see you next time.

'Blast from the past photo' - 5/14/05

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