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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Illinois State Police step up efforts for halloween

Halloween: A day for fun costumes and tasty sweets but, for some sex offenders, it is a lot more than that. It can be the perfect playground, with children literally knocking at your door.

"Because there are numerous opportunities for him to do his nasty stuff if he wanted to," said psychologist Dr. Paul Hauck. "First of all, it's dark outside. Second, he can disguise himself very easily."

And that's why the Illinois State Police and Rock Island County officials are stepping up efforts that night. They want to make sure the only thing kids get on Halloween is a giant bag of candy. They say they will pay special attention to where sex offenders live and if they're opening their doors to children.

"Make a point of checking and seeing if anybody at that house is soliciting people to come there or soliciting children to come there," said Kraig Schwigen of Rock Island County. "Are the lights on? Is the house decorated?"

Karen Smith prefers her grandkids don't trick or treat at all. She takes them to a church Halloween party.

"It's a good alternative because they're safe," says Smith, "they're in some place that's safe, a safe atmosphere."

Police don't want people to be scared to trick or treat on Halloween, they just want them to be careful and prepare ahead of time.

"Are there any sex offenders in their neighborhood?" asks Schwigen, "not just on Halloween but anytime."

Source: whbf.com

It's a shame the Riverside County Sheriff's Department is not as dedicated to protecting our children from the child molesters as the Illinois State Police is.

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