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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Massive sex offender house still in operation

Back on June 10th of this year we reported about a massive clown house with 24 child molesters living in it.

It's been over 4 months and the house is still in operation. A check today of the Megan's Law website showed 19 registered sex offenders were living at the house.

Let's compare 4 months ago with today. Names in green indicate they were living at the halfway house on both dates.

June 10, 2005
October 18, 2005

David Almond

Richard Edward Blackman

2 Randy Norman Blacketer Bruce Max Bridges

Richard Edward Blackman

Delbert Bryant


Bruce Max Bridges

Lawrence K Cortez

Lawrence K Cortez

Roy T Farris

Donald Cox

Keith Ellington Frazer
7 Roy T Farris Herman Louis Haithcock
8 Raul Toribio Fernandez James A Heard
9 Anthony Fontana Troy Coy Jones
10 Keith Ellington Frazer Byron Doyle Ledgerwood
11 Herman Louis Haithcock Richard Medina
12 James A Heard Frederick Arthur Reese
13 Kenneth Alonzo King Peter Ruzzo
14 Byron Doyle Ledgerwood Robert Thomas Sale
15 John Edward McMahan Douglas Vasquez
16 Richard Medina Alfonso Marcellino Villegas
17 Roy Scott Perry Michael Cornell Walker
18 Frederick Arthur Reese Charles Watkins
19 John H Tyree Thomas Pat Weimer
20 Douglas Vasquez
21 Alfonso Marcellino Villegas
22 Charles Watkins
23 Thomas Pat Weimer
24 Glen Edwin Welkley

14 of the original 24 offenders are still there. 10 have left and 5 new ones have moved in.

The real question is, why is this halfway house still allowed to have more that the limit of 6 offenders?

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