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Friday, October 14, 2005

Our day in court - Recap

If you recall, 2 protesters were arrested back on September 1st.

You can click the 'Video' link and look for 'Protester Arrest Video' to watch the arrests happen.

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department claims this was a citizens arrest by Harriet Cooks. However every indication is this was not a citizens arrest.

We were told by a source inside RSO that orders came down "from very high up" to "try to shake them".

Its been apparent from very early on that the Riverside County Sheriff's Department has not wanted us to exercise our Constitutional right to protest. Was this their pathetic attempt to "shake us up" and make us quit?

Time will tell.

We arrived at the Hall of Justice before 7:30 am. Already in line and waiting for us was 'Bonnies' husband 'Clyde'. Not only did he come to show his support, he came with a backup plan: A german chocolate cake with shiny new file inside. After 5 months of protesting child molesters and high risk sex offenders you learn to be prepared.

Once we got inside the building we found the 'criminal calendar'. It's a list of all the people who are supposed to appear in court that day. We frantically searched for our names to no avail.

We asked an RSO deputy what we were supposed to do since we were not on the calendar. I handed him my 'Notice to Appear'. He looked at it and replied "They arrested you for this?"

"They arrested you for this?" - Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy

I replied yes and he shook his head and chuckled. I asked him what was wrong and he said "I'm suprised someone in our department would do this". I told him I was sorry for him.

He bumped us ahead in line to see a clerk. She told us charges were never filed by the DA's office. The clerk stamped our papers to indicate that we did show up as required and we left.

How could this be? The Riverside County Sheriff's Department treats us like public enemy # 1, but apparently the district attorney's office does not agree and refused to file charges. It's nice to know someone in this county has their collective heads screwed on straight.

The Sheriff's department has refused our requests to get a copy of the incident report. What are they hiding? Could it be this was not a 'citizens arrest' as they claim, but instead was their futile attempt to run us off?

Another interesting note is that on the 'Notice to Appear' there is a section that says "Violations not committed in my presence, declared on information and belief." This was left unchecked on each of our notices. Directly below it is the 'arresting' officers signature, Deputy Gomez.

Therefore, according to Deputy Gomez of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, we committed penal code 415 section 2 - disturbing the peace - in his presence.

There are a couple of problems with that. First its impossible to disturb the peace of a peace officer. Second, watch the arrest video. They drove up and arrested us in under 40 seconds. Even if it was technically possible to disturb the peace of a peace officer, which it is not, we did not have the time to do it.

We are pursuing further legal action.

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