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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Paroled child molester charged with 9 year old girls death

Beatrice Schwartz broke down in tears on the stand Tuesday as she struggled to describe the day she last saw her 9-year-old daughter alive.

The mother of Sandra Astorga, whose nude body was found under an insect-infested tarp three weeks after her disappearance on Jan. 10, 1992, was ushered into a San Bernardino County courtroom hallway so she could regain her composure and continue testifying in the murder trial of Dean Eric Dunlap.

Schwartz, 44, was the first witness against Dunlap, who is charged with kidnapping, rape and murder, as well as lewd acts with a minor under 14, in Sandra's death. He could be sentenced to death if convicted in the trial that is expected to last about two months.

"You're going to see the gag used to kill her," Deputy DA Kersey said. "It's a tragic story, but you have the evidence to convict Dunlap."

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