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Saturday, October 08, 2005

'Violent Sexual Predator' cuts off GPS device, disappears

William Gilbert Lightner, 43, was originally charged with three counts of lewd and lascivious conduct in Ada County in 1993. He was accused of sexually molesting three girls under the age of 16 and making them watch pornographic movies. He pleaded guilty in 1994 to one charge of lewd and lascivious conduct with a 12-year-old in exchange for prosecutors dropping the other two charges.

Lightner served about 10 years of a 20 year sentence before he was released on parole in March of this year.

In July Lightner removed his GPS device and fled his Boise, Idaho home. He was apprehended this month by U.S. Marshals living in the small country of Belize, which is just south of Mexico.

Source: Idaho Statesman.com

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