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Friday, November 11, 2005

Article: Audit finds more crimes by parolees

The now-defunct system of alternative sanctions for violators is criticized.
By Andy Furillo -- Bee Capitol Bureau
Published 2:15 am PST Friday, November 11, 2005
Story appeared on Page A3 of The Bee

A state audit of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's since-disbanded "new parole model" found that 242 offenders were convicted on new felonies committed when they otherwise would have been in prison.

The Bureau of State Audits report did not provide a breakdown on what crimes were committed, nor did the corrections agency have any details available Thursday on the types of offenses.

According to the audit, the offenses were committed by parolees who had violated the terms of their releases but had been placed in halfway houses or in drug-treatment programs that the prison department put in place last year as alternatives to re-incarceration.

"It's unfortunate that 242 crimes had to be committed and tried at expense to taxpayers when parole revocation may not only have prevented the crimes, but caused the individuals to change their ways," said Lance Corcoran, a spokesman for the California Correctional Peace Officers Association, which had expressed harsh criticism of the new parole policies when they were implemented last year.

Corrections officials rolled out the alternative sanctions programs - first designed during former Gov. Gray Davis' administration - in early 2004 amid considerable fanfare by the new Schwarzenegger administration that it was seeking to overhaul an expensive, corrupt, overpopulated and brutal prison and parole system.

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