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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Day 184 - Recap, lots going on

Once again we started to protest at 2:30 pm.

Convicted child molester Terence Glenn Hanley was doing one of his bizarre dances for us. This is the same child molester that has thrown an alchoholic beverage at a protester and pulled down his shorts in front of the kids.

There was a lot of traffic today. We were standing on the side of the road next to the driveway, watching the halfway house. Suddenly a big rig that was driving north on Old Elsinore started turing into the driveway. It was another close call, missing some of us by inches. We did not recognize the vehicle and were not expecting it to turn.

As it made its way up the driveway it knocked of some of the branches of the trees. We noticed some of the tires on the trailer were flat and that the wheels had left marks in the road. Plus it had left a long trail of dripped oil on the road. There did not appear to be any license on the vehicle either.

Once it stopped in back of the clown house we saw the drive get out. It was non other than the Reverend Abraham Capers, aka Limp Pimp Daddy.

Some of the protesters were upset about how close he came to hitting them, and rightfully so. However I have learned after 6 months of this that unless they hit you, and you have an injury to prove it, nothing will be done. None the less protesters called 911. They asked for CHP but were transferred to RSO.

While we were waiting for the authorities to arrive Corissa Cooks, daughter of Last Chance operator Harriet Cooks, started down the driveway in her silver Mitsubishi.

We were on each side of the driveway as she turned and headed north on Old Elsinore. Then for some reason she decided to turn around. She ended up heading back south on Old Elsinore then pulled over behind one of the protesters vehicle. The protester walked over to see what was going on and Corissa was taking down the license plate of the protesters vehicle.

Normally this would not be of any concern. However since Harriet Cooks seems to have such a close working relationship with parole we are worried they will provide her or others in the halfway house with protesters home addresses.

Corissa Cooks was wearing an 'Unleashed' cap from her brothers magazine that wrote the false article about us and did not disclose to its readers that the editor is related to Harriet Cooks.

Corissa Cooks started to make a u-turn from the shoulder of the road to head back north but stopped with the front of her vehicle blocking a lane of traffic. Vehicles were having a hard time getting past her. We saw an RSO vehicle approaching from the south. Just then Corissa Cooks took off, cutting off a Verizon van and nearing causing it to slam into her. The van pulled over to the side, probably thinking the RSO vehicle would want some information. But to our surprise the Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy headed up the driveway to the halfway house.

This really upset some of the protesters. Once again they had called RSO and once again they were ignored.

Another Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy arrived and the first one went up to the house. He came back down and said they had called before we did, falsely claiming that one of the protesters had walked all the way up to the house!

Well of course that never happened, someone would have to be nuts to walk up to that halfway house. It is interesting how much credence RSO gives to the word of convicted child molesters and felons.

Then a Sergeant arrived. The Sergeant that arrived is a good guy, he has always been nice to us. We talked for awhile and then he and the first deputy walked up to the clown house. The second deputy left.

While they were up at the clown house an unmarked vehicle arrived and parked on the shoulder. Out of the passenger door came parole supervisor Lisa Abma. She was trying to give Cease and Desist orders to a few of the protesters but she did not know who was who. She ended up leaving them in the dirt on the side of the road and then she left.

More on this later, Lisa Abma was making some false allegations about your fearless blogger and we have the video tape to prove it.

A short time after that the deputy and Sergeant came back down to the road. They had seen the tractor trailer and agreed it should not be on the road but since it was now on private property there was nothing they could do. They also said they would write up the near miss and send it to the DA.

I have to comment about this Sergeant. He is one of the few Riverside County Sheriff's Deputies that treats us nicely. If I had to pick one word to describe him it would be patience. This man is loaded with it. He gets thrown into the middle of a messy situation and handles it with professionalism and poise. Some of the 'soccer mom' protesters wear their emotions on their sleeves and can go off on tangents that have nothing to do with RSO. He is always patient with them and listens to all of their concerns. He is a genuine credit to the uniform.

BTW, if he is reading this, I did make the change to the blog page that you suggested.

That's all for now, keep your kids safe and stay tuned for our Lisa Abma update, complete with facts and video.

Lisa AbmaLisa Abma

Corissa CooksCorissa Cooks wearing her Unleashed cap

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