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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Day 197 - Recap, another day in court

We had another day in court...well sort of.

Back on September 1st two protesters were arrested for allegedly disturbing the peace. We had a court date of October 14th.

When we arrived at court we were not on the calendar. The clerk stamped our paperwork as proof that we did appear as required.

A week after that both protesters received notices from the arresting deputy, Gomez, that he was rescheduling our court day to November 16th. Keep in mind this was a week after our original court date.

Well once again we went to court and suprise, we were not on the calendar.

We walked across the street to the District Attorneys office. According to them the complaint was sent back to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

Not only were we falsely arrested, we have now been required to appear in court not once but twice.

Does it appear to anyone else that we are being harassed by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department?

We had another protest this afternoon. We did not see any activity at the halfway house. However, here is something we notice often. The vehicle driven by Dave Dokich was parked in the yard, but the vehicle driven by the operator of the home, Harriet Cooks, was not there.

According to the Press Enterprise, Cooks said "Dokich would be monitored 24 hours a day". Her interpretation of 'monitor' must mean leaving Dokich in the halfway house without supervision.

That's all for now, keep your kids safe from the predators.

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