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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Day 201 - Recap, no protest

No protesting today.

Channel 11 had a sex offender report tonight but I missed it. David Goldstein had another report on sex offenders Friday. Here is part of it:

For most people living next to a registered sex offender is bad enough, but how about one who has access to every apartment in a huge complex?

He's the man you call to make repairs; the man who has access to every apartment in this complex in Huntington Beach. He's also a man who's a registered sex offender.

Residents in the Huntington gardens apartments know Peter Dickson as the handyman; we know him as a convicted pedophile charged with the continuous sexual abuse of a child. Court records show the victim was under 11 years old.

Residents say Dickson has master keys for all of the units. On one day, our surveillance camera caught him going in and out of an apartment apparently doing some work. And that makes residents fearful.

Bob Castro lives there with his wife and teenage son.
"These people are putting a lot of people in danger that have kids. They have no regard for the people who live there and the children." Castro told us that "35 to 40 kids" live in this complex.

Click here to read the complete story with video too.

Bob, we know the feeling.

See you next time.

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