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Monday, November 28, 2005

Day 209 - Recap, a disgusting display by Harriet Cooks

There was another protest this afternoon. I was not able to attend because I was getting ready for court this Wednesday.

'Molly' again read the story of the victims. Here are some excerpts:

Jane, a virgin at the time, said her attacker (Dokich) put pillows over her face. He told her he loved her and that he would kill her if she told anyone. He pulled out so much of her hair that she ended up with 17 bald spots.

Alice said Dokich drove around with her for 12 hours, repeatedly raping and assaulting her. He stripped her and covered her body with a model-home flag.

Harriet Cooks, who runs the halfway house, came outside and started making fun of the rapes. She was saying "help me, help me, I'm being raped" and then would laugh. The other child molesters outside laughed with her.

This was a disgusting display by Harriet Cooks, laughing at the terror the victims experienced at the hands of David Allyn Dokich.

It makes you wonder if a child was being raped in that halfway house would Harriet Cooks, who is supposed to be monitoring these parolees, simply stand by and laugh?

Isn't it odd that you need to get a license to bring a cat into your home, but you can bring multiple child molesters and rapist into your home (and get paid for it to boot) and the government requires nothing of you?

Things really need to change.

Keep your kids safe from the predators, see you next time.

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