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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Day 211 - Recap, I was in court today

No protest, got to go to court instead.

I will write up what happened later, hopefully tomorrow. This is part of the story so I feel I should share it will all of you. I will say that it is not over, the judge has a lot to look at, so it's been continued.

However, something very disturbing happened right after court. The judge asked that each party leave separately, which is fine, it makes sense, this is about a restraining order and for all she knows each side may go at it in the hallway.

Our party got to leave first. We got outside, from there it's a short walk down a road to the parking lot.

Just before we got to the parking lot one of the parole agents ran up behind us. He started taking our pictures and then said "Now we got you!".

Then he said "Department of Justice". That did not make sense since we recognised him. He is not hard to miss since he a big buddha belly on him. He is with parole, he was at the John and Ken Show when they were in Mead Valley and he was at the meeting in Riverside that Jeff Fagot attended.

He kept approaching members of our group, apparently trying to entice us. The judge purposefully had our groups leave separately, yet this parole person felt the need to try and harass us, at court of all places.

It's just another example at the lengths parole will go to to try and end our protesting.

That's all for now, keep your kids safe from the predators.

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