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Monday, November 21, 2005

Pomona city council voting on sex offenders tonight

City Council members are expected to vote tonight on three items related to recent efforts to address the presence of sex offenders in the city.

The first item is an urgency ordinance calling for amendments to the city regulations related to the housing of multiple sex offenders in residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Councilwoman Norma Torres has been working to set limits to the number of sex offenders and violent parolees that can live in the same home in residential areas. She has also been working closely with residents of Douglass Drive to address the presence of sex offenders in residential areas since a home housing six parolees, some of them sex offenders, opened in the neighborhood. The neighborhood is north of the 10 Freeway and west of Ganesha Park.

In addition to the urgency ordinance, the council is expected to vote on the creation of a task force to address the sex offender issue and find alternative ways of dealing with the presence of sober living homes in the city. The Douglass Drive home as been described by its operator as such a facility.

Finally, the council is also expected to vote on an item that would allow the city to hire an outside lawyer to help draw up local regulations to deal with sex offenders.

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