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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bill will give locals more control over sex offender homes

Sharp eyed readers e-mailed me this article from DailyBulletin.com.

Bill will give locals more control over sex offender homes
By Edward Barrera, Staff Writer

Legislation that will give local government more power to prohibit and regulate group homes for addicts, parolees and sex offenders will be submitted next session by an Inland Empire legislator. Assemblyman Bill Emmerson, R-Rancho Cucamonga, intends to introduce a comprehensive package that will prevent a concentration of group homes in one area and give more notice to surrounding neighbors.

Lax regulation allows group homes, including those for alcohol and drug rehabilitation, to set up practically anywhere without cities having any say, Emmerson said.

"I have had several meetings with all of the cities in my district over the past year, and a big concern is the group home issue," Emmerson said. "I have gotten together with people from the departments that regulate homes, and I'm putting together a legislative package for next year to see if we can ease the conflicts between the cities and the state."

"There is a growing concern among residents when group homes show up and residents have no recourse," said Redlands Mayor Jon Harrison. "It's an issue that many communities are grappling with."

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Your fearless blogger here. Anyone else feel we have the momentum? Parole is really going to hate us!

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